The Family of Bernhard Salomonowitsch

Bernhard Salomonowitsch, cantor and kosher butcher, was born on 10. August 1877 in Weruschow White Russia (Belarus). His parents were grain traders Jakob and Kaila Salomonowitsch, née Ring.

He lived in Russia until March 1905 when he emigrated to Germany and was first resident in Halberstadt in Thüringen. On 8. April 1910 he married Rebekka Selma Goldin (*02.07.1884 in Widzy, Russia) in Frankfurt. She was the daughter of the smith Abram Itzik Goldin and Chaje, née Sußmann.
On 1. July 1910 he and his wife moved from Herne in Westphalia to Gunzenhausen and he took on the position of cantor and kosher butcher
for the Gunzenhausen Jewish Community. The Salomonowitsch family moved into the house at Hafnermarkt 13, where their four children were born :

  • Ludwig, *12.01.1911 in Gunzenhausen
  • Hermann, *03.02.1912 in Gunzenhausen
  • Carola, *22.05.1913 in Gunzenhausen
  • Hanna Sara, *16.09.1916 inGunzenhausen

In spring 1920 Bernhard Salomonowitsch took a new position in Kattowitz.
Eva Goldin, the sister of his wife Rebekka, who was born in Frankfurt on 01.11.1891, lived as of March 1915 with her family in the house at Hafnermarkt 13 in Gunzenhausen