Moritz Lauchheimer

Moritz Lauchheimer
Moritz Lauchheimer

Moritz Lauchheimer was born Dec. 29, 1890 in Schopfloch. He was trained to become a taylor.
On Dec. 23, 1924 he moved in with his parents in Gunzenhausen. But 5 years later on Nov. 19, 1929 he moved to Holland.
On Jan. 8, 1935 he returned via Schenkelingsfeld.

From Jan. 25 to Nov 1, 1935 they lived in Neustadt a. d. Saale
On Dec 10, 1938 he registered his departure for Augsburg. From there he was deported to Riga and lost his life there on Nov 13, 1941

Astrid Seidl
Astrid Seidl

Astrid Seidl is the granddaughter of Ludwig Ordenstein and a descendant of Ida Lauchheimer. She wrote to us:

Dear Students,
have found the birth place of Moritz Lauchheimer.
As far as I know Schopfloch is part of the Israeli Congregation of Nuremberg (Schuricht My father’s grandmother was Ida Lauchheimer who married Josef Ordenstein. There is a possibility that Moritz Lauchheimer was her brother. If you should happen to have any documents regarding the Lauchheimer family I would be delighted, if you would let me know where they are.
Sincerely, Astrid Seidl

We received two more internet addresses from Mrs. Seidl:
In Relatives of refuges can be located. They also list a number of family trees.
In there are many listings of documents of persons and family connections, plus records relating to insurances and assets, if still in existence.

On February 6, 2004 she also sent us this e-mail:

Dear Students,
Attached (included) is information from Dr. Heusler of the archives of the public records of the City of Munich. Some records of assorted Lauchheimers are also available at the state archives in Munich. I also found the registration file of Ida Lauchheimer (but not my great grandmother) at the Federal Department of Revenue in Nuremburg). The Central Society of Israeli Congregations in Munich may also have files, such as birth and marriage registrations.

Mr. Karl-Heinz Ruess (in the Administration of the City of Goeppingen) has done some research into the Lauchheimer family and has published a booklet. Mailing address:

Stadtverwaltung Goeppingen, P0 Box 11 49, 73011 Goeppingen, Germany

I have not been to the police archives in Munich yet, they may have some useful information, also possibly the “Israelische Kultusgemeinde” in Nuremberg, which Schopfloch appears to have been part of. I have received some documents (copies) of gravesites and disbursements of funds from them. It would mean a lot to me to find any siblings of my great grandmother Ida Lauchheimer, who was married to Josef Ordenstein, and their descendants.

I hope I have been of some help to you and wish you much success with your project.
Astrid Seidl

Book „Ich bin ein Stern“
Book „Ich bin ein Stern“

Up to now we have not found any connection between the Lauchheimer family from Schopfloch and the ancestors of Astrid Seidl from Jebenhausen. We will continue to search.

We found the booklet bei Karl-Heinz Ruess very interesting: 'Spuren schreiben Vergangenheit' ('the tracks on the trail describe the past').
In it the Jewish history of Jebenhausen and Goeppingen, where the Lauchheimers lived, are documented.
A descendant of the last Lauchheimer family from Jebenhausen, Inge Auerbacher wrote the book 'Ich bin ein Stern'.

In it she describes the dramatic time she spent in the concentration camp Theresienstadt, which she and her parents survived.
Unfortunately we have not found any further descendants of the family.