Hensoltstrasse 7

Hensoltstrasse 7
Hensoltstrasse 7
Year built: 1832 - 1839
Builder: Leonhard Vorbrugg
Changes of Ownership: Acquired by the Jewish citizen Joseph Rosenau in the second half of the 19th century
  His sons Samuel and Max Rosenau take over the house from their father on 13.07.1905 and register it as commercial premises
  1907 Son Samuel runs the business – an ironmongery - on his own
  Around 1933 his son in law Adolf Rindsberg, merchant, married to Ilse Rosenau, takes over the property
  30.06.1936 House is sold to Georg Degenhart, who continues to run the ironmongery/hardware store as of 01.09.1936
Burgstall- and Hensoltstrasse around 1950
Burgstall- and Hensoltstrasse around 1950. From „Greetings from Gunzenhausen – Gruß aus Gunzenhausen”
J. Rosenau, Gunzenhausen
J. Rosenau, Gunzenhausen Wholesale Ironmongery and Hardware Det A large inventory of Iron bars and girders, ploughs, various construction material as well as household and kitchen implements, stoves etc Telephone 52

The Degenhart family still owns the property.
After the war, they too were faced with financial claims, resulting in their more or less having to pay the purchase price once again.  Georg Degenhart’s son told us that his father had met up with survivors of the Rosenau family again in Nürnberg, while they were on a trip to Europe.  As he is no longer alive, we do not know who he met, but we suppose it could have been the widow Selma or her daughter Rosa, as Samuel Rosenau had already died by then and according to Mr. Reed his aunt Ilse Rindsberg never wanted to see Germany gain.