The Family of Bernhard Gutmann

The merchant and livestock trader Bernhard Gutmann was born on 24.04.1862 in Heidenheim, one of the three children of Mendel and Gella Gutmann.

His sister Jette Gutmann was born on 03.11.1849 and his brother Naphtali Gutmann on 21.08.1853, both in Heidenheim.

In 1885 he married Lina Neuburger, born on 15.06.1863 in Heidenheim, daughter of Model and Cilly Neuburger.

They too had three children:
Sally * 01.08.1885
Ida * 12.05.1886
Theres * 15.05.1891

IIn 1901 they moved from Heidenheim to Gunzenhausen, together with Bernhard’s brother and sister.

First they lived at Marktplatz 5, in the house of the Blumenstein family.

Marktplatz 5 today
Marktplatz 5 today

In 1911 their daughter Ida married Karl Leiter, merchant, born on 19.03.1883 in Oberdorf. The couple was still registered there in 1939, living at Roschgasse 97, Oberdorf. They emigrated to Chicago, USA on 18.08.1941. Their two daughters were born in Oberdorf. Gertrud emigrated to Palestine on 10.09.1937 with her husband Fritz Plaut. We have no information about Helene.

Their son Sally (Salomon) studied and did his doctorate in chemistry. He probably lived and worked as a chemist in Munich, as he died there on 14.06.1921, just 36 years old.

Their daughter Theres married Leopold Hahn, business man in Uffenheim, on 01.12.1921. She died there just half a year later on 24.06.1922

Gartenstrasse 10 today
Gartenstrasse 10 today

In 1919 their father Bernhard had acquired a property at Sichlingerstrasse 1, and he probably used it as a base for his trading as he had registered a livestock business there in 1901. He sold the building in 1931 for 8000 M. It is not known where the couple lived afterwards, but they de-registered the livestock business in the same year and replaced it with an activity as agents.

As his brother Naphtali lived in Gunzenhausen with his wife Mathilde, née Oberndorf, and also his sister Jette, we can suppose that all three siblings now possibly lived in Gartenstrasse 10, a house that Naphtali had purchased in 1889.

Kirchenplatz 3 today
Kirchenplatz 3 today

From 1882 to 1889 Naphtali and his wife had lived at Kirchenplatz 3, which he had bought for around 5000 M.

He too was a livestock trader. The couple had no children.

In early 1938, as living conditions for Jewish citizens in Gunzenhausen became increasingly intolerable, Bernhard and Lina Gutmann moved to their only surviving daughter, Ida, in Oberdorf am lpf.

Several Jewish citizens from Gunzenhausen originated from this town and they all sought refuge there around 1938.

They included the Walz family from Burgstallstrasse 14 and the Heimann family from Marktplatz 16. They were actually able to live there in peace for a few years until they eventually had to leave the country.

We know that the two other families were able to emigrate to the USA. They both today live in New York. But the fate of the Gutmann family is unfortunately unknown.