The Abraham Gutmann Family

Abraham Gutman was born the second child of seven of Julius Gutmann and Flora born Obermeier, born 23. May, 1881 in Heidenheim.

In 1904 Abraham came to Gunzenhausen from Heidenheim with his family (parents). He was a livestock trader/merchant, he had registered in 1905 as a livestock trader.

In 1906 his father Julius Gutmann became the owner of the property Bahnhofstrasse 14.

We assume that they (father and son) ran their businesses together. Around 1912 Julius signed the house over to Abraham. He eventually married Selma Levite of Moenchsroth on 23. November 1920 in Ansbach, a town 30 kilometers far from Gunzenhausen. Selma was the daughter of the merchant Louis Levite and Pauline, born Wittelshöfer.

The couple Abraham and Selma Gutmann had one child: Julius Gutmann, born 27. August 1922 in Gunzenhausen

Because the Gutmann family lived next door to Bahnhofstrasse 12, where Jakob Rosenfelder lived, who had been a victim of the Pogrom in 1934, we can assume that that they were witnesses to the terrible happenings. The name of Abraham Gutmann was mentioned in the file of thedenazification tribunal.

Police sergeant Busch of the police station in Gunzenhausen sent this report in writing to the district court, to tell what else happened:
At 9:00 pm we received a call from the merchant Abraham Gutmann of Bahnhofstrasse 14, Gunzenhausen. He said someone was going around in his court yard with a light, and we was afraid to go out to see what was going on.

In spite of that, the family continued to live in Gunzenhausen a few more years, and did not emigrate to New York till 1. September 1938.
In 1957 Abraham Gutmann was still living there.

In a conversation with Mrs. Krauss on 4. February 2003 we learned that:
That Abraham’s son Julius was stationed in Germany as a soldier in the American army in 1945. He came to Gunzenhausen right after WWII ended and visited the Krauss family. Mrs. Krauss’s father was the city treasurer Mr. Maurer, to whom Julius was to convey greetings from his father.

A few years later he visited Gunzenhausen again with his wife and son.
He had come to a conference of the Solingen Manufacturer of knives, because he was their representative in the USA.

After that Mrs. Maurer, the mother of Mrs. Krauss, corresponded with the Gutmanns in New York for years.
Unfortunately the family cannot locate the letters, and we had not been able to contact the Gutman family.

But in April 2007 Alan Gutmann wrote us a mail:
My father Julius Gutmann just passed away.

One story: My father was good in math. One day in 1938 or 1939, the teacher in his school said, once again the Jew is better in math than you. The next day a Nazi official appeared in the class. The official made the teacher apologize to the class and then slapped my father.