The Gross Family

Josef Gross was born in Fischach on May 12, 1875 and worked as a merchant in Nuremberg. He married Berta Eisen on February 20, 1924. She was born Jan 10, 1878 in Gunzenhausen, the daughter of Heymann Eisen and Jetta, born Schoen. They had no children.


Announcement in the news paper
(in place of cards)

born Eisen

Joined in marriage
Gunzenhausen, March 1924
Ceremony 23. March,1924 Hotel Zirkel, Ansbach

A former neighbor, Mrs. Baerbel Traenkler recalls the yard goods store that Mrs. Gross ran in the house. Mr. Gross ran an insurance agency.

Mrs. Traenkler recalls that the Gross’s remained in Gunzenhausen till November 1938, even though Jacob Eisen, the brother of Mrs. Gross of Burgstallstrasse 4 had left the city quite a while ago.


'H. L. Eisen
Proprietor Jos. Gross

Judengasse 1

cotton goods, cordage (ropes)
pure wool yardgoods, bundled rope
dry goods, bedding and feathers

Only A 1 quality
Greatly reduced prices'

During the night of the Pogrom on November 9. 1938 the couple (Josef and Berta Gross) were forced out of their house. Mrs. Traenkler told us that she can still recall Mrs. Gross’s  ear piercing screams, and that the couple was deported to Piaski, where they both perished. Today in place of their house stands the commercial/residential building of the “Plan-Bau Company”.