Gerberstrasse 13

House Gerberstrasse 13 today
House Gerberstrasse 13 today
Builder: Johann Mueller, cooper/barrelmaker
Year built: 1731
Changes of Ownership: 1. Sept.1781 Isaak Abraham of Wittleshofen bought the house for 350 florins.
  3. Jan. 1782 Johann Andreas Eckert, day laborer, bought it for 345 florins.
  29. Febr. 1860 his widow sold it to her son-in-law Paul Hohenstein and his wife Anna Margaretha born Eckert for 600 florins.
  10. Febr. 1809 Adam Schmausser, arrelmaker, and his wife Maria Catharina born Stallwitz bought the house at auction for 600 florins (bankruptcy).
  26. June.1853 Johann Michael Reinwald bought it for 2,400 florins.
  13. Aug. 1860 his widow Maria bought it for 6,000 florins.
  10. Dec.1871 her daughter Anna Maria Kilian, born Reinwald inherits the house.
  11. Aug. 1877 August Brandner, saddler, acquired it for 7,028 Marks.
He was a lumber and furniture dealer.
  1896 new house construction
  7. Febr.1908 Salomon Guggenheimer bought it for 40,000 Marks.
  6. Jan. 1919 his widow Johanna inherits the property.
  3. Febr. 1925 their children Theodor, Guggenheimer, and Hedwig Buxheim born Guggenheimer opened yard good business.
  25. June 1931 Theodor Guggenheimer runs the store alone.
  16. Febr.1938 Ernst Seelenbinder bought it for 40,000 Marks.
  27. Sept.1951 Theodor Guggenheimer got the business back, after WWII.
  30. April 1952 Alice Guggenheimer his widow took it over.
  31. Jan. 1953 she sold it to Erich Huebner who opened a shoe store and ran it till 1978.
  1971 Karl-Heinz Friedmann took it over.
  1978 Wolfgang Koch installs a pizzeria.
  Now a Bisto and Turkish fast food business.