Dr Martin Luther Platz 2

The house in 1932
The house in 1932

Translation by Lesley Loy

Year of Construction 1801
By : Built by Hiob Cramer, Baker and Mayor for 5.780 fl.
Change of Ownership: 1802 to brother-in-law Johann Thomas Gerber, Baker and Mayor ooo Maria Katharina Cramer
  30.04.1813 Son Wolfgang Erhard and his wife Elisabetha Barbara Gerber acquired the house including coal shed for 7.000 fl
  30.09.1851 to his son Johann Carl Gerber, farmer ooo Maria Veronika Rosa for 7.000 fl
  10.11.1856 bought by Gumper Bergmann, grocer, for 7.500 fl
  08.10.1869 sold to Johann Peter Sessler, merchant from Lehrberg oo Margareta Emilie Hezner
  16.01.1878 purchased by Leopold and Moritz Eichbaum for 18.857 Mark
  22.03.1893 Leopold Eichbaum's share is inherited by his widow Rosa
  22.02.1894 Moritz Eichbaum, hop trader, purchased the share for 8.000 Mark.
  Between 1894 and 1912 Gunzenhausen's second chemist shop was located here, run by Ferndinand Höß.
  24.02.1911 Inherited by Sofie Eichbaum, née Levi
  06.11.1911 Sold to Johann Andres Hummer, merchant for 39.200 Mark (renovated in 1912)
  08.07.1919 to his widow Maria Margarethe Hummel, née Eiden, and their children Lina, Maria and Frieda
  08.11.1920 with her second husband Hermann Hesselbarth, merchant
  10.12.1938 widow Margaret Hesselbarth
  03.04.1943 Oskar and Frieda Bernreuther
  12.07.1962 Inherited by their daughter Ursula Blindenhöfer
  As of 2004 Her daughter Andrea Cudemo became co-owner

In the backyard of the property was a shed which the Eichbaums used to dry and store hops.
In 1881 the Eichbaum brothers submitted the plan shown below for "the construction of a
new oast floor and the extension of the barn of Messrs Eichbaum Brothers."

In 1911 Johann Andres and his wife Maria Margarethe Hummel purchased the property from the Eichbaum family.

Shortly afterwards the Hummel family started producing sauerkraut in the back building and opened a grocer's store in the main building in 1912.

It's interesting to note that the Gunzenhausen Casino Society rented their first rooms in the upper floor of the house.
That was in the time from 1802 to 1809 when the City Mayor Gerber, or his widow, owned the house.
The stove still exists in these rooms today.