Family Gumper Lazarus Bachmann

Translation by Lesley Loy

Gumper Lazarus Bachmann was born in Dittenheim in 1753, he worked as a Jewish schoolmaster in Gunzenhausen from 1788 to 1828.  His yearly salary as a Jewish school teacher was 40 to 50 Florins, as he had only 8 or 9 children to teach. His wife, Fanny, was the daughter of the master of the Jewish school Levi Moses and his wife nee Reiz.

Gumper and Fanny Bachmann had two children:

Levi (Ludwig) Gumper Bachmann, born in 1800 in Gunzenhausen

Beierle Bachmann was married to a Mr Kirschbaum from Wassertrüdingen

The son Levi/Ludwig Gumper Bachmann married Hanna Felsenstein from Fürth.  First he was apprentice scribe in the Gunzenhausen tax office, then as of 1812 he was employed by the lawyer Scheuffelhut.  As of 1820 he was scribe at the national court, as well as district administration clerk.

In 1824 he applied to the town for a licence to establish a pawnbroker business, which he later changed to a business dealing in stone tankards and crockery. In 1852 he sold his rights to trade in spices and exotic produce to Gumper Bergmann for 1200 florins.

On 11.07.1868 he cancelled the registration of his textile business.  As he was childless, Levi Bachmann designated the Gunzenhausen Town Council as his sole heir.  The interest generated by his wealth should be distributed to the poor. 

Source: documentation on the Jewish inhabitants of Gunzenhausen, compiled by Werner Mühlhäuser, municipal archivist