Waagstrasse 2

House Waagstrasse 2 today
House Waagstrasse 2 today
Year built: 22. August 1665
Built by: Michel Beesswillibald, innkeeper
Changes of Ownership whole house: 9. February, 1705 for 400 florins bought by Johann Babtista Cramer, Ordinari-Bote, and his wife Ann Katharina Mercklein.
  11. January, 1710 sold to their son Johann Thomas Cramer, Ordinari-Bote, married to Maria Sibyl Stotz (1712 to 1737) for 715 florins
  Around 1730 the house went to Georg Wihelm Mueller, Buettner/barrel maker, cooper.
  1740 house rebuilt by Johann Georg Meelfuehrer, city bailiff (prefect, administrator) of Gunzenhausen, married to Catharina Margaretha born Deuerlein 1739/1740.
  1742 sold to Johann Sebastian Haiger, innkeeper
  1749 the house went to Johann Paul Funck, Gingerbraed baker (Lebkuechner).
  1759 Hirsch Samson and Kallmann Loew, merchant, bought the house.
  6. January, 1626 his widow with her four children takes over.
  22. August, 1826 her son-in-law Henlein Hirsch of Berolzheim, merchant, bought it for 2,000 florins.
Changes of Ownership, divided House, first half: Around 1840 Baruch Haenlein of Berolzheim, merchant, who emigrated to America in 1857.
  23. March,1857 Joel Baer Joelsohn, butcher, bought it for 1,700 florins.
  25. April, 1900 his widow Therese born Neuburger inherited it.
  1900 their son Moritz Joelsohn, merchant, bought it for 9,000 florins.
  1920 Erwin Joelsohn, cattle trader.
  1935 George and Margaretha Haas.
Changes of Ownership, divided House,
second half:
(Unknown first name) Gulls, Widow of David Blumenstein, merchant.
  20. April, 1844 Martin Knoeller, taylor, acquired it for 2,100 fl.
  Joseph Krauss, fabric maker.
  20. September,1862 widow Maria Margarethe gets this half of the house.
  1877 the house goes to Johann Krauss.
  1926 the widow Katharina with her 4 daughters take over this part of the house.
Changes of Ownership,
whole house
1934 Georg and Margaretha Haas, basket weaver, acquire the whole house.
  Today the house is owned by Dieter Sprengel.
Waagstrasse 2 (second house on the right) around 1930. From book “Gunzenhausen in alten Ansichten” by W. Lux
Waagstrasse 2 (second house on the right) around 1930. From book “Gunzenhausen in alten Ansichten” by W. Lux