House Spitalstrasse 9

Spitalstrasse 9

Year of cunstruction: Unknown
By: Unknown
Change of Ownership:

Ernst Luger, owner of a Pastry Shop
(1897 addition of an apartment).
Around 1906 Meier Theilheimer, merchant.
1914 inherited by his son Max Theilheimer, merchant.
1915 followed by his widow Karolina, neé Strauß.
01.12.1938 acquired by the town of Gunzenhausen and subsequently sold off.
On 10.10.1940, by order of the District Officer of Gunzenhausen, the purchase agreement was withdrawn from the town and the property was confiscated by the German Reich.
It was again sold to a private buyer in December 1944.
1951-1970 Fish and Game shop Pia Köderer, then on her death by her husband Fritz Köderer until 1974.
Since 1989 the cycling business of Herbert and Erika Gruber. Today it is a shop and holiday apartments.

Translated by Lesley Loy
Source: Stadtarchiv Gunzenhausen