The Jacob Seller Family

Jacob Seller was born 17.01.1866 in Altenmuhr. He married Elise Schülein from Thalmässing on 28.06.1898. Their only son, Siegfried, was born 14.07.1899.

Jacob Seller was a salesman and cattle trader. The entire extended family lived in the handsome Seller home. Jacob Seller took in both of his parents, Nathan and Jette Seller, as well as his uncle Jacob Seller with his second wife and their two children. We do not know how he was able to finance this, but according to the books, he was successful in sales and cattle trade.

The family lived on Bahnhofstrasse 21 in Gunzenhausen until 26.04.1938. On this day, the house went into possession of E. Brandner, a horse trader. Jacob Seller’s wife, Elise and his sister, Helene Seller, were killed in the concentration camp at Theresienstadt in 1943 and 1944. Jacob’s sister and her husband went to Würzburg. His son Siegfried went to Erfurt in 1939. Jacobs cousin Lina lived in Würzburg with her husband. Her son Bruno died in WWI. Jacob’s brother lived a few houses down, on Bahnhofstraße 33 with his family.

Today the house is in possession of Sanitätshaus Seitz. It’s store is on the ground floor of the building.