The Family of Josef Seeberger

The businessman Josef Seeberger was born on November 30th, 1866 in Gunzenhausen. His parents were Samuel Seeberger and his wife Jeanette, geb. Oberdorfer.

In 1896 he married Emma Kahn, * 13.09.1872 in Würzburg. She was the daughter of the businessman Leopold Kahn and his wife Ernestine, b. Mohrenwitz.

Around 1900 the young family had built the house at Burgstallstraße 9
They had three children.

Ernestina *03.06.1899 in Gunzenhausen  
Leopold *15.11.1900 in Gunzenhausen + 28.09.1922 in Würzburg
Max *12.07.1903 in Gunzenhausen + 15.11.1903

On 10.01.1926 Josef Seeberger was elected to the management committee of the Jewish Congregation.  He used his house in the Burgstallstrasse to trade in carpentry products and sheet glass, later including paints.  Their son Leopold studied music in Würzburg, where he died at only 22 years old.  As their son Max had also died young, it was the daughter Ernestina who inherited the business. On 28.04.1921 she married the business man Michael Rieder, born 31.10.1893 in Mannheim.  The couple had four children

Judith *29.05.1922 in Gunzenhausen.
She married Jakob Oppenheimer and lived in Kfar Haroe, Israel. She died in Jerusalem in 2002.

Hannah *22.09.1923 in Gunzenhausen.
She married Abraham Hans Levy. She died 19.12.1985 in Israel

Susanna *24.07.1925 in Gunzenhausen.
She married Bruno Levi

Leopold *18.04.1928 in Gunzenhausen.
His wife's name was Rachel.