The Family of Moses Schuler

Translation by Lesley Loy

The extensive Schuler family was long established in Gunzenhausen.

The Schuler family tree can be downloaded as a pdf here

Livestock trader Moses Schuler and his wife Jüdele lived in the property at Auergasse 1 since 1777.

The couple had three children:

Abraham Model was born in Gunzenhausen in 1789.  He was a merchant and pot ash boiler. His first wife Blümle was the daughter of Elias Moses from Pflaumloch.  In 1821 Abraham was given the upper half of the house at Auergasse 1 by his mother.  He had two sons by his second wife, Ida Stein.  Löw, the first son was born in Gunzenhausen before 1830. Joel Abraham was born in Gunzenhausen on 06.03.1830.  He was a merchant by trade.  In September 1864 he married Mina Wassermann, born 08.10.1836 in Schwabach.

Three children were born of this marriage :

            Jetta Schuler, born on 05.03.1865, lived at Sonnenstrasse 44.  She had an illegitimate daughter named Rosa.  Jetta was registered missing without trace in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

            Bertha Schuler was born on 04.04.1867 and her domicile was registered in Fürth in 1908.

            August Wolf Schuler was born in Gunzenhausen on 28.08.1877.  He died on 25.08.1900 in Heitersheim while serving as a soldier.

Joel Abraham, the father, died on 09.11.1907 and the mother Mina on 29.12.1911, both in Gunzenhausen.

Moses and Jüdele Schuler’s second son was Moises (Abraham) Schuler.  He was born in 1792 and married Jetta Rosenberger.  They had three daughters :

            Jetta *04.03.1838 was married to Abraham Strauss, a dealer in country produce from Wiesenbrunn.  They had one child, Moritz Strauss *19.05.1864.

            Fanny *14.09.1841, who married Isidor Rosenberg.  His requests for residence and a commercial licence in Gunzenhausen were refused in 1865.

            Mali *08.11.1843

Moses and Jüdele Schuler’s third child was a daughter, unfortunately we don’t know her name. But she was married to Joel Hirsch Moses, born in Schwabach. 

Until now we haven’t been able to trace any descendants from the Schuler family.