The Schapiro Family

Julius Schapiro, born 28. November, 1843 in Gradno/Russia, the son of Moses Schapiro and Lea Schtraschun of Gradno, was (Vorbeter) prayer leader, Kosher butcher, and silverware merchant. On 17. October, 1876 in Gunzenhausen he married Karoline Orthal born 1. February,1853  in Altenmuhr. She was the daughter of the merchant Isaak Baer.

The couple had three children:

born 27. July, 1877 in Gunzenhausen, merchant and editor. He married Paula Hartheimer. Their daughter Ilse was born 20. November, 1918 in Frankfurt/Main. In 1926 the family moved from Frankfurt to Gunzenhausen, at first to Waagstasse 8, but later to Nuernberger Strasse 54. On 24. September, 1932 the couple registered their move to Berlin.

born 21.March, 1879 in Gunzenhausen. On 17. August, 1908 an announcement of her engagement to Ludwig Meyer of Nuernberg appeared in the “Altmuehl-Bote”. In about 1934 she became the owner of house Nuernbergerstrasse 54. In 1939 they moved to Berlin-Babelsberg. Amalie died 17. May, 1942 in Berlin-Wedding (name of that part of Berlin).

born 21. March, 1879 in Gunzenhausen. She also moved to Berlin-Babelsberg in 1939, just like her sister.

In 1881 Julius Schapiro acquired the house Waagstrasse 8 for 2,919 Marks.

In 1896 the marriage of Julius and Karolina Schapiro was dissolved by decision of the court in Ansbach. In 1897 the house Waagstrasse 8 was awarded to the children. Karolina Schapiro died in 1928 in Gunzenhausen.

The business dealings of Julius Schapiro are interesting. The registry of businesses noted frequent changes, start-ups of new businesses or closing of previous ones. Among them were an insurance agency, wine dealership, shoe store, hops dealership, (beech wood) charcoal, silverware, and sometimes he made cigarettes or knit ware.

Mrs. Betty Rosenbaum, originally of Burgstallstrasse 4, related to us that Bertl Honig went to secondary school with her, and later had the name Bertl Schapiro.

The city council in a meeting on 11. July, 1929 announced to the Bavarian State Federation that Berta Schapiro, formerly Honig was granted citizenship. She had been a citizen of Poland. We do not know if there was a connection with this Schapiro family.

Bertl Honig in 1925 with her graduation class in the secondary school in Gunzenhausen
Bertl Honig in 1925 with her graduation class in the secondary school in Gunzenhausen

The pictured students from top left:
unknown, Miss Reichel (Marktplatz 5), Hans Bueller, Josef Frei, Otto Hertlein, unknown,
Bertl Honig (died in KZ), unknown, Emma Rottenberger (engaged to Kurt Baer),
Front from left:
Else Lichtenstern, Heidi Sperl, Betty Eisen, Paul Hellmann,
Theodor Theilheimer, Else Danner, Karl Minderlein, unknown

At present we have no contact with other family members.