The Rosenau Family

Jacob Rosenau was born May 26, 1845 in Obernzenn, the son of Model David Rosenau, a merchant, and his wife Jette Rosenau, born Kreglinger. Jacob was a raw materials dealer (Rauwarenhändler). In 1871 he was declared 'official citizen of Gunzenhausen'. He had nine siblings, six of whom emigrated to the USA between 1850 and 1854.

Two of Jacob’s brothers lived close to him. His brother Samuel lived at Hensoltstrasse 7 and his other brother Joseph R. at Burgstallstraße 7.

Jacob’s first wife was Gretchen Kraft, daughter of hops dealer Michael Kraft. Gretchen was born February 18, 1849 in Burgkunstadt. This marriage produced four children:

Emilie Rosenau born July 8, 1878
in Gunzenhausen
died between August 5, 1942 and November 8, 1944 in KZ (concentration camp) Theresienstadt
Moritz Rosenau born November 27, 1879 in Gunzenhausen died in Gunzenhausen
Frieda Rosenau born April 19, 1881
in Gunzenhausen
died May 11, 1881 in Gunzenhausen (as an infant)
Frieda Rosenau born July 9, 1883
in Gunzenhausen
Frieda Rosenau married the merchant Hugo Heumann April 5, 1908, the son of merchant/dealer Samuel Heumann and Fanny Lindauer. Hugo Heumann was born an February 13, 1872 in Goeppingen und died on February 13, 1939. The couple lived at Zieglerstrasse 20 in Goeppingen

This first wife died August 9, 1883, only 36 years old, and only one month after the birth of her last child. Shortly thereafter Jacob married his second wife, Ernestine Sichel, daughter of Philipp Sichel and Regina born Morenwitz from Sommerach. Her father, Phillip Sichel was a wine merchant. He and his wife followed their daughter to Gunzenhausen. Ernestine’s mother Regina died there in 1900, and unfortunately her father Philipp Sichel and husband Jacob Rosenau both died in 1907.

The children of Jacob and Ernestine Rosenau were:

David Rosenau born October 1,1884
in Gunzenhausen
Siegfried Rosenau born October 6, 1885
in Gunzenhausen
Martin Rosenau born, February 12, 1887
in Gunzenhausen
died in KZ Piaski
Martha Rosenau born March 9, 1893
in Gunzenhausen
Martha married Mr. Stein on July 17, 1919 in Augsburg. Around 1938 they were still registered as living in Augsburg at Mozartstraße 5.
Martha was deported to Auschwitz and perished there.

After Jacob Rosenau had  died in 1907, his widow sold the house to Jacob Eisen. He then added  a new warehouse and office and stables in 1909. He was a wholesaler in coal and general merchandise. On December 1, 1934 he registered his business with the "Chamber of Commerce".

Unfortunately we do not know where the widow Rosenau went with her children after she sold the house.