On April 28, 1921, the businessman Michael Rieder, * October 31, 1893 in Mannheim, married Ernestine Seeberger, * June 3, 1899 in Gunzenhausen, the daughter of Josef and Emma Seeberger. Since her two brothers died at an early age, Ernestine inherits her father's business at Burgstallstrasse 9. She and her husband Michael run it as a shop for carpenter's items and table glass, and later also for colored goods.

The couple has four children.

Judith *22.05.1922 in Gunzenhausen
Sie heiratet Jakob Oppenheimer und lebt in Kfar Haroe, Israel. 2002 stirbt sie in Jerusalem.
Hannah *22.09.1923 in Gunzenhausen
Sie heiratet Abraham Hans Levy. Am 19.12.1985 stirbt sie in Israel.
Susanna *24.07.1925 in Gunzenhausen
Sie heiratet Bruno Levi.
Leopold *18.04.1928 in Gunzenhausen
Seine Frau heißt Rachel

The Rieder family emigrated to Palestine on 17.08.1937.  Their grandmother Emma Seeberger had already died on 30.12.1934 in Gunzenhausen.  The house was expropriated in 1938, probably after the Reichskristallnacht, and it became the property of the municipality. Josef Seeberger nevertheless stayed in Gunzenhausen until 24.1.1939.  His whole family, his daughters and his brother Rudolph with his children were already living in Palestine. He was one of the last Jewish citizens to leave Gunzenhausen, moving to Munich where he died on 19th July of the same year.

The descendants of Michael and Ernestine Rieder are still living in Israel. We received information from Nick Landau in London and from Hannah Cherlow, née Rothschild, in Israel.

Nick Landau wrote .
"I will look at the family-tree when I have time regarding the Rieder family. My cousin in Australia, who created the family-tree, might be able to help you make touch there."

Hannah Cherlow wrote :
"Of the pictures you showed, I can identify the following: No 8 - Hannah Seeberger, No 16 - Susanne Rieder, No 15 - Leo Rieder, No 29 - Hannah Rieder, who died a few years ago. All the rest live in Israel."


Susanna Levi, b. Rieder, lives in Israel today and is very interested in documenting her family history. In August 2020 she sent us a current picture of herself for the first time, which she shows on her 95th birthday. And a picture from before, on which she can be seen with her two sisters, was probably taken in Gunzenhausen. She wrote below: Susi, Judith, Hannah Rieder.


Merav Levy from Jerusalem came to Gunzenhausen in summer 2013. She is a granddaughter of the Seebergers, Hannah Levy's daughter, and the first family member whom we have met. As her job is to organize the exchange of youth groups between Israel and Germany, perhaps some of us might visit Israel in the future.