The Family of Markus Rehfeld

This is the house at Hafnermarkt 13 today.

The house at Hafnermarkt 13

Translated by Lesley Loy

Markus Rehfeld was born on 24.05.1869 in Tuchel (Poland), the son of the merchant Gutkind Rehfeld and his wife Johanna Steinberg. He was a cantor, a kosher butcher and cemetery caretaker. He married Sara Cohn, born on 21.08.1875 in Rogasen (Poland), daughter of cantor M. Cohn and Sara Herz.
The couple had a daughter, Charlotte, born in Filene on 23.07.1902. She was a student in Munich and died through a tragic accident in the Tyrol on 18.05.1921, just 19 years old.
The Rehfeld family had moved just a year earlier, on 1. September 1920, from Mogilno (Poland) to Gunzenhausen. They lived at Hafnermarkt 13. Markus retired on 01.10.1933 and the couple moved from Gunzenhausen to Gunzenheim, near Kaisheim, on 28.10.1933. We made enquiries about the family in the municipal archives in Gunzenheim, but unfortunately received no further information about them.

Source : Personal documentation on the Jewish residents of Gunzenhausen, compiled by municipal archivist Werner Mühlhäußer.