The Nussbaum family

Master Butcher Abraham Nussbaum was born on 22.02.1844 in Großenenglis, in the region of Fritzlar in Hessen. He was the son of the tradesman Isaak Nußbaum and his wife Frau Ricka, né Höchster.

Abraham served in the army in the wars of 1866 and 1870/71 and received the War Memorial Medal for his service.
He and his wife Regina, né Osswald, had 4 children:

Rickchen, known as Rosalie * 05.01.1878
+ 02.09.1928
Sigmund * 08.01.1884 Gunzenhausen + 11.06.1886 Gunzenhausen
Eduard * 10.07.1887
+ 11.09.1887
Betti * 06.08.1888
+ 20.05.1894

The family lived in the house at Waagstrasse 7, which Abraham Nussbaum had acquired in 1883 for 6200 Reichsmark. The family registered a butchers shop there on 05.02.1883 and added the function of cookshop on 11.05.1901. The adjacent business was only really in operation during the monthly animal markets and then only on a small scale. For one week a year, during the Jewish Passover period, they also served wine, but cancelled their wine license on 29.07.1919, having been inactive since April 1908.

Abraham Nussbaum died on 31.01.1910, his widow Ricka inherited the house and sold it in 1919 to her neighbour from Waagstrasse 2Moritz Joelsohn.

The eldest daughter Rosalie was the only child to reach adulthood, all her younger siblings died very young. On 08.08.1909 Rickchen married the cattle and horse trader Albert Bacharach from Fellheim. They had four children.

Alfred *26.06.1911 in Memmingen. He emigrated to the USA

Siegfried *09.05.1913 in Memmingen +11.05.1913

Lisa *31.08.1914 in Memmingen. Died in Auschwitz. Married to Rothschild.

Martha *21.01.1920 in Memmingen. Died in Auschwitz. Married to Katzenstein. 

Mother Rosalie died in 1928.
After Rosalies death Albert Bacharach married again. He and his second wife Cäcilie died in the Piaski concentration camp.