Nürnberger Straße 58

Nürnberger Straße 58 from about 1950
Year of cunstruction: unknown
Owner: unknown

Change of Ownership:

11.02.1903 Johann Friedrich Ludwig and Eva Maria Röschel sold to Emil Bing, manufacturer, for 11.598 Marks
28.06.1916 acquired by Sigmund Bergmann for 90.000 Mark
20.03.1919 his brother, Adolf Bergmann, took it over for 76.000 Marks
Furniture painting workshop, owned by Max Oldenbruch
1923 Purchased by Max Sprinzing, who carried on the business
06.09.1933 Sold to the town of Gunzenhausen, establishment of a Reich’s labour camp
1940 Company Hering
Today ALDI Supermarket
Source : Gunzenhausen city property register, translated by Lesley Loy