The Story of the Neumark/Joelsohn Family

Benjamin Neumark purchased the house at Marktplatz 39 in 1743 and it remained in his family for almost two hundred years.

Around 1811 this branch of the Neumarck family changed their name to Joelsohn. Two other lines of the Neumarcks then called themselves Eichbaum and Seeberger, so that as of the early 19th century there were no families remaining in Gunzenhausen with the name Neumarck.

In 1864 the house at Marktplatz 39 became the property of David Lazarus Joelsohn, born in Gunzenhausen on 12.12.1829, for the price of 1500 Florins. His parents were the merchant Lazarus Joelsohn, born in Gunzenhausen in 1787, and his wife Giedel, née Obermeier.

In 1864 David Lazarus Joelsohn married Fanny Wolf, born on 19.01.1835 in Sulzburg, daughter of the tradesman Wolf W and Jette Kohler. In the same year the young couple took over the parents’ house at Marktplatz 39.

They had 2 sons:

Joel Bär (Julius) Joelsohn *27.01.1867 in Gunzenhausen. He was a bachelor, a merchant and livestock trader. In 1906 he acquired the family home at Marktplatz 39 for 8000 Mark but as of 1910 he lived at Nürnberger Strasse 20 where he ran a general store. His citizenship was recorded on 12.03.1915, however he lived in Weiden as of 1919. Joel Bär died in 1940.
Hirsch (Henry) Joelsohn *17.08.1868 Henry was married to Hedwig Dörnberg from Erfurt. Around 1920 both brothers lived in Upper Palatinate (Oberpfalz), where Henry died on 14.03.1921. He was buried in Gunzenhausen on 15.03.1921.

As both brothers had no children, the long line of the Neumarck-Joelsohns died out with them.

Julius Joelsohn, the last owner of the house, was dispossessed by the town of Gunzenhausen on 28.11.1938. He had to leave the town and died two years later in 1940, it is not known where.

Source: Documentation of Jewish residents of Gunzenhausen by Werner Mühlhäußer