Heinrich Neumann

Photo of Heinrich Neumann

Heinrich Neumann was born on 17. December 1881 in Hainsfarth, the son of the merchant Mendel Neumann and his wife Hannchen. On 23. December 1913 he married Sophia Blumenthal, born 24. June 1887, the daughter of the merchant David Blumenthal and his wife Ida, born Frank, of Hensoltstrasse 27 in Gunzenhausen. Mr. Neumann took over the cheese wholesale business Heinrich Frank & Company” at Ansbacher Strasse 4 from his wife Sophia’s uncle in 1930.

On 10. January 1926 he had been voted the head of the board of directors of the Israeli Religious Community in Gunzenhausen. In December 1929 he became the first replacement for the second mayor Fritz Raab in the city government, who belonged to the “Buergerblock” and then moved up into his position.

On 4. May 1939 Heinrich Neumann wrote the following letter to his friend Sigmund Dottenheimer (Burgstallstrasse 1) in Frankfurt

Line by line (but freely translated) copy of the letter:

Gunzenhausen 4. May 1939

Dear friend Sigmund, dear Mrs. D!

We received your dear letter
of 2. May (of this month) and will send you (both) or
rather you (Sigmund) the sewing machine shortly.
I will have a small wooden container built for it.
The Cuba issue happened
very fast. We had an
address in Cuba, which we wired to
Hermann Neuburger. Within
8 days the permits
were ready for us for $ 215 per person,
$ 430 for both of us, which (my) sister made
available to us. Payment had to be
made first, of course, so
I telegraphed it to Hermann.
If you are interested in
Hermann’s (help), you simply have
to send your name, birth date, place of birth
and current address.
Hermann will take care of everything else.

His address is:
Hermann Neuburger
612 West 184th Street,
Apt. 33
New York City

I hope, dear Sigmund, that
I have been of some assistance to you,
and I would be delighted
to see you there.
Last Saturday I got together
with Jacob G. to have some drinks, of course,
and naturally we thought
of you, dear Sigmund.
And now greetings
to you all,

Your friend
Heinrich Neumann

Heinrich Neumann was deported to KZ Dachau on 1. December 1938, shortly after his wife had registered her move to Munich.

Both are missing in the KZ of Riga and presumed dead. There were no descendants.