The Family of Salomon Mohr

Salomon Mohr, a trader, was born on 21.07. 1858 in Altenmuhr.  He married Sofie Guthmann and they lived in the house at Bühringerstrasse 1, Gunzenhausen, a house that he had built together with his brother Bernhard around 1885.

Salomon Mohr was registered as a livestock dealer, but he actually had several other activities including horse, livestock, goods and hop trading.

The couple had just one daughter, Frieda Mohr, born on 03.10.1898 in Gunzenhausen. In 1939 she was living as a housekeeper in Munich, at Landwehrstrasse 53.  She was deported from there on 25.11.1941 to Kaunas, Lithuania where she was murdered.

The house in the Bühringerstrasse 1 became the property of her cousin Therese Mohr and her husband Bernhard Blumenthal.

Source : documentation of the Jewish residents of Gunzenhausen.