The Story of the House at Marktplatz 39

The House at Marktplatz 39 today
Year of Construction: Around 1500
By Built as the house of the town clerk
Change of ownership 14.1.1692 Lazer Jud acquired the former town clerk’s house for 250 florin (fl)
  1743 acquired by Benjamin Neumark
  1764 passed to his son Joel Bär Benjamin Neumark
  1799 passed to his widow Delzela
  1809 to the sons Nathan Wolf, Moses and Lazarus
  1811 Nathan Wolf sold his share to his brothers for 300 fl
  02.11.1814 Lazarus Joel Bär, merchant, became sole owner
  29.03.1864 acquired by the son David Joelsohn, butcher oo Fanny Wolf, for 1500 fl
  27.12.1906 bought by Julius Joelsohn, livestock trader, for 8000 Reichsmark (RM)
  28.11.1938 acquired by the municipality for 7000 RM
  1952 returned to Ludwig, Irma and Josef Joelsohn
  1954 Johann Reichert, complementary medicine
  1955 renovation of the partially demolished building and installation of a shop
  1974 Town of Gunzenhausen
Source : Gunzenhausen municipal property register, Translated by Lesley Loy