Kirchenstrasse 13-15

Kirchenstrasse in approx. 1943
Kirchenstrasse in approx. 1943. The light house on the right, with the roof gable towards the street, is number 13/15. © Stadtarchiv Gunzenhausen
Kirchenstrasse in approx 1980
Kirchenstrasse in approx 1980 before the whole complex of the house at number 13/15, the Jewish school and the synagogue, was pulled down. ©Foto-Braun Gunzenhausen

The houses at 13 and 15 Kirchenstraße had formed a complex since 1745. Previously they had had separate owners.

The barn of Kirchenstraße 13 and the upper floor of number 15 were pulled down in 1948.The rest was demolished in 1981. A new building now stands in its place.

New building Kirchenstrasse 13/15
New building Kirchenstrasse 13/15
Built in: 1745
By: Löw Amson, official cabinet agent and Landbarnoß
Change of ownership: 1722 sold to his son Seligmann Löw for 2000 fl
  1785 to Johann Hezner, ropemaker, for 2300 fl
  1811 to his widow, Helene Sibylle, née Trautmüller
  1812 sold to the trader Löz Samuel Seeberger for 2300 fl
  1831 to his widow Berle
  1841 sold to Hajum Noah Steinhard, tradesman, Jesaias Bürger (Jewish citizen) for 4000 fl
  1867 sold to Jantoff Hellmann, trader in livestock and agricultural products
  1891 to Doris Hellmann
  1897 inherited by the children Hermann, Rosa and Sofia
  1897 Rosa and Sofia sell their part of the inheritance to cousin Albert Abraham and their brother Hermann Hellmann, merchants, for 8660 M
  1897 Hermann Hellmann sells his part to Albert Abraham Hellmann
  1929 to the community of heirs Justin, Selma and Dora Hellmann; traders in oil and various fats
  1938 the sons of Herrmann Hellmann, Richard with wife Betty, as well as Heinrich and Julius Hellmann, retailers, acquire the property
  1938 the house was purchased by the city of Gunzenhausen for 4,000 RM
  1954 the house is returned to Richard and Heinrich Hellmann from Baltimore
  1956 the house passes to Andreas Schwarm, businessman, and his wife Emilie, née Bleicher