The Kellermann Family

The brothers Marx and Seligmann and their families lived in an impressive sandstone house at the Marktplatz 40 (market place, or market square)

From 1876 to about 1900 the merchant Seligmann, born 8. March 1837 in Fuchsstadt was married to Jette Wissmann.  Das Ehepaar hatte nach Angaben von Uri Kellermann vom 20.11.2011 folgende Kinder:

Samuel Kellermann * 19.03.1864, Fuchsstadt
+ 18.06.1884, Schwabach
Leopold Loeb Arieh Kellermann * 26.02.1866, Fuchsstadt
+ 1949, Limoges (France)
Karoline Kellermann, verh. Rothschild * 26.09.1867, Fuchsstadt
04.06.1942 deported to Theresienstadt
Mother of Dr. Karl Rothschild
Bertha (Yeta?) Kellermann * 29.01.1870, Gunzenhausen  
Machul (Michael?) Kellermann * 22.12.1871, Gunzenhausen
+ 26.10.1887, Gunzenhausen
Max Moses Kellermann * 28.09.1874, Gunzenhausen Ophthalmologist, moved to Bamberg 17.02.1911. He and his family were murdered in Riga-Jungfernhof.
Aharon Dov Kellermann * 15.01.1877, Gunzenhausen Grandfather of Uri Kellermann

Seligmann and Jetta’s daughter Karolina married Isaak Rothschild, merchant from Schluechtern. Their son was born there in 1892, but he moved to Gunzenhausen in 1919 into house Bahnhofstrasse 35, where he practiced medicine.

After Seligmann Kellermann’s death in 1897 his widow continued to live in the house for another 5 years, but then sold her share of it to her brother-in-law Marx Kellermann in 1902.

Marx Kellermann, merchant, (brother of Seligmann Kellermann) was born 9. July, 1842 In Fuchsstadt. He officially became a citizen of Gunzenhausen in 1866.
He married Leah Rosenbaum, born 13. August 1840 in Schwabach. He was temporary/provisional Kosher butcher and assistant cantor.

The couple had nine children:

Fanni * 31. January 1870  
Hannchen * 8. March 1871 She married Raphael Rosenbaum and they moved to Frankfurt.
Karoline * 18. February 1873 She married Dr. Abraham Tachauer who was a secondary School teacher in Gunzenhausen. They lived in the house Marktplatz 40. Karoline died in Minsk.

They had three children :

Manfred * 7. October 1904
Max * 1. October 1906
Emil * 15. May 1911

Emil became a teacher and cantor. He married Anni Reinisch from Bruck near Roding.

Michael * 26. April 1875  
Emil (twin) * 13. December 1876 Emigrated to America in 1893
Sigmund (twin) * 13. December 1876 Sigmund married Eva Liebermann born 20. October 1877 in Steinbach a. d. Saale. The couple had 2 children:
Else * 22. January 1906
Bertha * 25. March 1907

1907 Sigmund took over the house and the business at Marktplatz 40. But in 1919 he already sold it to the Woellmer couple, but he ran his cigar & tobacco wholesale business from the second floor (the first floor being called Paterre).
His daughter Else married a Mr. Korngold and in 1939 was living in Stockholm/Sweden.
Aaron * 29. March 1878 Died 25. April 1878
Bella * 12. August 1879 She married Nathan Loewy, merchant from Berlin. They ran a business at Gerberstrasse 13. Bella was deported to Izbica on 24. March 1942.
Benno * 14. September 1883 He married Adelheid Oppenheimer and discontinued his association with the “Leipzig Fire-Insurance Company” in Gunzenhausen. In about 1940 he registered his address as Knauerstrasse 27 in Nuremberg as a lodger with his sister Bella Loewy. On 24. March, 1942 he was deported to Izbica with Bella.

The impressive Sandstone house today is the property of the Mueller drugstore chain. It was completely renovated in 2002. The Mueller drugstore is located on the ground floor.

Supplement to the Marktplatz 40, Kellermann Family Story

Fortunately some descendents of the Kellermann family wrote us from Israel.

Uri Kellermann wrote:

I am the son of Uri Pinhas Kellermann, the third son of Aaron Kellermann. In Nürnberg Aaron married Miryam Grünbaum 05.04.1904. They had four children:

Bella * 09.06.1906
Siegfried * 07.11.1907
Kurt * 02.02.1909
Ludwig * 22.07.1910

Bella’s daughter wrote us:

My name is Judith (Inge-Lore) Brom, nee Muenz, daughter from Bella Muenz, nee Kellermann. My mother Bella died in Jerusalem 10.07.1967.

I’m born in Nürnberg 29.11.1932.

My deceased brother Schlomo Gavriel Chaim is born 11.09.1939 and died 08.03.1968.

With my husband Meir Brom we have four children: Michael, Marganit, Avital and Bilha. And we have 14 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.

Kurt und Martha Kellermann
Kurt und Martha Kellermann

Uri Kellermann continued:

My father Kurt, whose Jewish name was Kalonimos, was born 2. February 1909.
He left Nuremberg in April 1933 and went to Israel (which was Palastine then).
He married my mother on 13. January 1935. Her name was Martha (Mirjam) Flamm. My father was a toy wholesaler and lived in Haifa.

We are three siblings:
Uri Pinchas * 2. September 1937 has 9 children and 39 grand children
Ruth - now Weiss * 26. August 1941 has 2 children and 6 grandchildren, lives in Jerusalem
Eli A'aron * 15. August 1947 has 5 children and 3 grandchildren, lives in Jerusalem

Our father Kurt passed away in 2000, and our mother in April 1998.

If you have any other questions, I will be glad to help.
I was born in Israel.
Greetings and best wishes to the students.

On 10. April 2004 Uri Kellermann sent us an e-mail with the title pages of “book of laws” which had been owned (part of the estate) by his great-grandfather Seligmann Kellermann.

Book of laws
Book of laws

Uri Kellermann added this:
This is the title-page of the second part of the “Mishna” the canonical collection of the Jewish Law Literature, which was written in the second century.
The book was printed in 1801 in Vienna in the Imperial-Royal Licenced Hebrew Book Printing Office, and my great-grandfather Seligmann Kellermann owned it.

All this was of great interest to us, because we had learned  much about the fate and history of  the family of Aaron Kellermann, son of Seligmann Kellermann. Until now, we knew nothing about him.

Uri Kellermann also sent us copies of his father’s passport from the Nuremberg passport office.

In the memorial book of the “Nuremberg Victims of the Shoa” additional members of the Kellermann family are listed and pictured.

Family of Uri and Duba Kellermann
Photo of the family of Uri and Duba Kellermann in Juli 2001. Uri is the son of Kurt and great-grandson of Seligmann Kellermann.

7th July 2007: The Kellermann family visited us

Uri and Duba Kellermann visited us with their adult children at school. On this impressive day we learned a lot about living in Israel and about the Kellermann family. After the visit in our classroom we made a sightseeing tour and presented interesting former Jewish houses in Gunzenhausen.