The Family of Naphtali Gutmann

House Kirchplatz 3

Translated by Lesley Loy

Naphtali Gutmann was born on 21.08.1853 in Heidenheim, the son of Mendel and Gella Gutmann.

He married Mathilde Oberndorfer, born on 21.08.1851.  His occupation is given as merchant. 

The couple was childless.  

In 1882 they purchased the property at Kirchenplatz 3 for 5.000 RM,  then in 1889 they swapped it with Johann Huber for the house at Gartenstrasse 10.

It is possible that his brother Bernhard Gutmann, from Sichlingerstrasse 1, lived with his wife in this house for some time.

Naphtali died in Gunzenhausen on 08.11.1896, his wife Mathilde died on 05.11.1919.

They had sold the house some years previously to the Rutz family. 

The house at Gartenstrasse 10 is today owned by the Huter company.

source: Gunzenhausen municipal archives