Journey Of No Return

The Tragic Story Of The Dottheim Family

For Joanna and Kara


Leaving a place forever
has different reasons
like a conflict,  distress
or offend against the dignity of man.

If you try to pick up the trail of a man,
a family or a group
that was part of the journey of no return,
you must know that this damage will show up.

Tracking down people
and documenting their lives
will always be a thin track
unless these people and their personal life stories
are included.

This type of research only makes sense
if you are willing to listen
to what these people have to say.

Often they are deceased.

But the family members they leave behind
often have heard of
and have somehow taken over the feeling of injury.

It is never too late
for trying a reconciliation
even if generations have passed.

This can benefit and heal both sides
– the victims and the culprits.

The descendants of the Dottheim Family
have met us on this way.

We wish them good luck for the future.
God bless them.

{… May the Lord protect you, bless you with his love, and give you happiness and health …}

Sigmund Dottenheimer

Stephani School of Gunzenhausen Grade 10 a
We participated in The History Competition of the Federal President in February 2003 with this contribution. The theme of the contest was "Leaving-Arriving. Migration in History."

The contest is supported financially by the Kurt A. Körber Foundation and has been advertised throughout the whole country. We were awarded a third prize for this family history.

Journey Of No Return