The Descendants of Lazarus Schia Enoch Eisen

Lazarus Schia Enoch Eisen and his wife Friederike, born Guggenheimer
Lazarus Schia Enoch Eisen and his wife Friederike, born Guggenheimer

Lazarus Schia Enoch Eisen was born 1792 in Gunzenhausen, the son of the merchant/trader Josua Schia Enoch Eisen and his wife Rifka, born Juedek. Her family had owned the property at Waagstrasse 7 since 1788.

Lazarus S. E. took over his father’s business in 1828 and dealt in scrap iron, bed feathers and quills. Ricka (Friedericke) Guggenheimer became his wife, and they continued to live at Waagstrasse 7.

They had six children, all born in Gunzenhausen, four of them emigrated to the USA in the 19th century:

Babetta born 1928
died in Hurley, Wisconsin in 1899
She married Johan Rubel and lived with him in Hurley, Wisconsin USA. They had five children:
Albert Rubel * 1859
Rebecca Rubel * 1860
Henry Rubel * 1861
Josef Rubel * 1861
Martha Rubel * 1867
Josua born December 6, 1830 He married Jetta (Henrietta) Blumenthal from Baden (Germany). They apparently also lived in Wisconsin, since all seven children were born in Milwaukee:
Rebecca * May 30, 1857
Albert * May 1, 1863
Sarah * February 1866
Harry * 1868
Pauline * ?
Laura * 1869
Salomon * after 1869
Albert Henry 'Josef' born January 23,1834
died February 1, 1897
in Gunzenheim
Lazarus Henoch (Henry L.) born 1840
died 1883
He married Recha Rosenbaum from Zell near Wuerzburg on June 16, 1875. They emigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and had three children:
Ernst Joseph * May 16, 1876
Paul Mendel * August 27, 1877
Alice * September 23, 1878
Arnold born December 8, 1842
died 1902 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
He married Henrietta Wetzlar from Langstadt and also emigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Their two daughters were born there:
Meta Eisen * 1879
Edna Eisen * 1892
Heymann Lazarus (Hermann L.) born March 4, 1844 1844 he married Jetta Schoen from Gunzenhausen. As the youngest son of the family he took over business from his father and lived in the house at Waagstrasse 7 and sold coal.
Almost all the children were born there:
Friederika * March 20, 1875, died as a young child
Babetta * September 17, 1876, died as a young child
Bertha * January 10, 1878
see “House Auergasse 1”
Jakob * July 2, 1879 + KZ Piaski
House Burgstallstraße 4
Lazarus * September 29, 1882
He emigrated to New York about 1937 and died 1971 in Brooklyn. (See “visit by Walter Reed” and also “House Hensoltstrasse 7”.)
Lazarus Eisen in New York abt 1952. Photos provided by Walter Reed.
Lazarus Eisen in New York abt 1952. Photos provided by Walter Reed.

Additional information about the children of Lazarus Henoch (Henry L., # 4 above) and Recha born Guggenheimer:

Ernst Joseph Eisen
born May 16, 1876 died 1916

Ernst Joseph Eisen became a dentist. He married Dorothea Swallow of Hartland, Wisconsin.

They had three children:
Henrietta Lucille
Born June 12, 1904
Died 1952
She was married to Mr. Guember and their son Jerry Lee was born Febr. 26, 1926, died Nov. 13, 2005
Elisabeth Margaret
Born June 12, 1906
She was married to Daniel Boogher. They had no Children
Edwin Otto
Born August 11, 1908
Died November 9, 1995
He married late in life and had no children.
Paul Mendel Eisen
born August 27, 1877 died 1941

Paul Mendel Eisen became a physician.
He married Elisabeth Carolina Strieder from Nieder-Ingelheim.

They had two sons:
Carl Georg
Born March 20, 1913
Died 2000

Paul Friedrich (Fritz)
Born February 3, 1916
Died October 4 2003
He married Susanne Noack
Alice Eisen
born September 23, 1878
  Wasn't married

Their father Henry L. died 1883 already.

Although their father died early, both were able to attend universities with the help of friends. The following photo shows Ernst Joseph with his university class mates about 1900.

Bottom left to right: The second person is Ernst Joseph Eisen
Bottom left to right: The second person is Ernst Joseph Eisen
Ernst Joseph with his son Edwin
Ernst Joseph with his son Edwin

Susanne Eisen writes:
“Ernst Joseph died at age 40 in an Auto accident, when the car he was
driving collided with a streetcar. Paul’s wife’s brother, who was visiting from Germany, also died.
Little Edwin and another passenger survived. Paul Mendel Eisen, my father-in-law, was a physician who specialized in Roentgenology in Minneapolis and Chicago. Ernst Joseph thought, that Roentgenology  could be applied to dentistry too and promoted that idea. Unfortunately at that time the harmful effects of Roentgen (x) rays were not fully recognized, and the practitioners were not protecting themselves from the x-rays, and Paul Eisen died from massive cancer.”

About 70 years later their was a meeting of the children of Ernst Joseph and Paul Mendel Eisen:

Ernst Joseph and Paul Mendel Eisen
Left to right: Elisabeth Eisen-Boogher, daughter of Ernst Joseph Eisen, Carl Georg Eisen, son of Paul Mendel Eisen, Edwin Eisen, son of Ernst Joseph, brother of Elisabeth
Susanne Eisen
Susanne Eisen

Susanne Eisen, born Noack, the wife of Paul Friedrich and daughter-in-law of Paul Mendel Eisen, is the one who sent us the information about the Eisen family in the USA, and also some photos. She is not Jewish.

Her father Hans Noack emigrated to Detroit, Michigan USA in 1927 and  Susanne was born there in 1930. Paul Mendel Eisen and his wife Elisabeth, née Strieder, were friends of her parents.

As Mrs Inge Noack felt homesick the family returned to Germany in 1937. So during the WWII until 1950 Susanne has been visiting schools in Germany. After her (Abitur) high school graduation friends in Detroit invited her to the USA.

There she became reacquainted with the Eisen family and married their son Paul Friedrich and stayed in the USA. The couple has three children and six grandchildren.

Paul Friedrich Eisen's older brother Carl Georg an his wife Mercedes Miller had a daughter, 3 grandsons and 2 great-granddaughters.

Paul Mendel and his brother Ernst Joseph Eisen both married non Jewish women and were not active in their religion. It was never an issue.

Susanne Eisen is living in San Francisco surrounded by  people of all races, nationalities and philosophies of life – which is truly an enriching experience. Three of her 6 grandchildren have a Jewish father.