Burgstallstrasse 7

The house at Burgstallstrasse 7 today
The house at Burgstallstrasse 7 today
Builder: Leonhard Schlennert, carpenter and builder
Year of Construction: ca. 1865
Changes in Ownership: 1866 to Joseph and Rosa Rosenau, traders of iron products
  1917 inherited by their son Max Rosenau
  1935 sold to Michael Amrhein, attorney
  Since 1964 the house has been owned by the Teinzer family

Burgstallstrasse around 1885
Burgstallstrasse around 1885. At that time the Rosenau family resided in this house. (From ‚Gunzenhausen Reminiscences’ by Max Pfahler)

As we know from the other houses, the Amrhein family now has to pay rent for their house. The attorney then orders an appraisal for his property. The pre-war value of the house is set at 18,413 reichsmarks. The post-war value is assessed at 20,000 deutschmarks.

In the year 1952, a settlement is reached, and the house is released from property control.

As early as 1950, a branch of "Sammeltreuhaender" for Jewish property opens an office in the house. Michael Amrhein passes in 1955.
In 1964, his widow, Mrs. Amrhein, decides to sell the house.

The husband of her daughter Elisabeth, Hermann Albert, was a member of the city council and judge at the court in Gunzenhausen. It’s possible that he was caretaker of the house at that time. Karin Albert is this couple’s daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Teinzer, who run the 'Fraenkische Hof', acquire the house.

Part of the ground floor is being leased as a doctor’s office to Dr. Demuth.

From 1980 to 1982, Isabella Groeschel runs a funeral parlor there.

In 1990, the Teinzer’s son Heinz turns the ground floor into an apartment for himself.
Today, the house is still the property of the Teinzer family.