Bernhard Blumenthal Family

Translated by Lesley Loy

Bernhard Blumenthal, a merchant, was born in Altenmuhr on 13.07.1850, the son of Mendel and Babetta Blumenthal. He acquired the citizen rights of Gunzenhausen in 1878 an tradet in livestock and hops. On 04.02.1897 he married Theresa Mohr, born on 01.05.1860 in Altenmuhr. She was the daughter of the merchant Bernhard Mohr and his wife Hanna, née Blumenthal, from Gunzenhausen.

Bernhard Blumenthal purchased the house at Bühringerstrasse 1 together with his father-in-law.

The couple had one son - Max Blumenthal - born on 22.11.1882 in Gunzenhausen.

He married Ella Seller, born in Gunzenhausen on 17.05.1891, the daughter of Jacob Seller and Hannchen, née Klein.

  The couple lived in Munich as of 1911 and the parents were also registered as citizens of Munich as of 1913. Bernhard Blumenthal had sold the house Bühringerstraße 1 in November 1898 for 27000 Mark. He died in Munich on 29.09.1919.

Max must have died shortly afterwards as his widow, Ella, married a second time in 1923. Her new husband was Wilhelm Ettlinger. The couple left Munich for St. Gallen in Switzerland on 25.01.1939.

However the death of Max Blumenthal has been recorded elsewhere as 07.01.1939, a victim of the Shoa (Holocaust). That would mean that the marriage had finished in divorce.

Source: personal documentation of Jewish residents of Gunzenhausen. compiled by the Municipal Archivist Werner Mühlhäußer.