The story of house Auergasse 1

Photo: House Auergasse 1 in the year 1957. Archives: Theo Ott
Photo: House Auergasse 1 in the year 1957. Archives: Theo Ott
Year built: 1645
Builder: Johann Lucas Stotz
Changes of Ownership: THE WHOLE PROPERTY (ESTATE)
  1692 Johann Lucas Stotz, baker (the builder’s son)
  1715 Jonas Stotz, also a baker
  1743 Leonhard Stotz, a baker too
  1777 Model Moses Schuler, merchant, purchased the house for 425 florins
  1813 his widow Juedele Schuler remained
Changes of Ownership: The Lower Half: The Upper Half:
  1823 Moises Model Schuler, merchant, Juedele’s son, bought it (from her) for 600 florins incl. a bower/tabernacle in the garden. 1821 another son of Model Moses , Abraham Model Schuler, pottash distiller, and dealer in bedding and feathers purchased it for 450 florins
  1868 Jetta Schuler, daughter of Moses Model Schuler, married to Abraham Strauss, bought it for 1,600 fl 1861 son Joel Abraham Schuler, merchant, Abraham Model’s son, paid 600 fl for it
    Later it went to Abraham Strauss, merchant (Jetta’s husband, see above)
    1866 Jette Strauss took it over for 4000 florins
Changes of Ownership: The whole property (estate)
  1882 Heymann and Jette Eisen, born Schoen, (merchant and coal dealer) purchased that for 5,657 Marks
1883 they established a yard goods store
  1908 the widow (Jette Eisen) inherits the house
  1908 Joseph Gross, merchant, and Berta, born Eisen
  1942 “Vereinigte Sparkassen” (consolidated bank) of Gunzenhausen took possession of it for 1,070 RM (Reichsmark)
  1942 the chief financial officer in Nuremberg, in order to confiscate Jewish real estate, requested (authorization) from the "Deutsches Reich/Finanzverwaltung” /Ministry of the National Bank of Germany
  1942 acquired by Gottfried and Maria Wilhelmina Meier, born Dauner for 1,800 RM
  1956 bought by Leonhard Rodewald, mechanic
1961 beginning of demolition
1966 demolition completed
  1981 the “Landeswohnungs- und Staedtebaugesellschaft of Bavaria“ acquired the lot
  1989 the construction company „Firma Plan-Bau“ bought the lot
1989/90 construction of a new commercial / residential building
Photo: House at Auergasse 1 today
Photo: House at Auergasse 1 today