The story of House Ansbacher Strasse 4

House Ansbacher Strasse 4 today
House Ansbacher Strasse 4 today
Builder:   Heinrich Frank
Year built: 1880  
Changes of ownership: 1888 Heinrich Frank built a cheese cellar with storage facility
  1930 Heinrich Neumann became owner
  21. Nov. 1938 The city bought the house for 4.000 RM
  After WWII The businessman Hans Weiss purchased the house
  today A housing Construction Company has owned the property for several years

The house at Ansbacher Strasse 4 was built by Heinrich Frank. In 1888 he built a cheese cellar and storage facility. About 1930 his nephew Heinrich Neumann acquired the house and the cheese wholesale business. About two weeks after the “Reichskristallnacht”, on 21. November 1938 the city bought the property for 4,000 RM. After the war Hans Weiss purchased the property.